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Love online drum shopping but missing the chat, advice and general buzz of a real, local drum shop?

Dave and Sophie at Dave’s Drums are bringing a little of that drum shop vibe back to Berkshire with their One Day Drum Shop events.


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Upcoming Events

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Frequently Asked Questions


Q. What is One Day Drum Shop?

A. One Day Drum Shop is a 'pop up' type event, with independent drum retailers setting up their products & services in a local hall for drummers to browse and buy.

There is also the opportunity to connect with other drummers, ask for advice and generally geek out on all things drum related!

Q. What will I be able to buy?

A. A lot of the drum stuff available will be second hand, it it's difficult to predict exactly what will be available, however, you can expect stands, cymbals, hardware, snare drums and perhaps some drum kits.

There will also be new gear available, including Code  drum heads, SlapKlatz drum dampeners, No Nuts Cymbal Sleeves & Vic Firth sticks, plus some cymbal ranges.

We will also have guests exhibiting and selling their products and services.
At our previous events, we were joined by The Cambridge Drum Company, Impression Cymbals, Skins Drum Performance Method and RJR Custom Drums.

Q. Anything else...?

A. Dave from Dave's Drums will be available for advice and to drop off items for repair (for collection later).

There may be free workshops/clinics on offer. And of course, there'll be other drummers to connect with.

Q. Is there an admission charge?

A. No, there is no charge to attend, and there is free parking available.

Q. Can I join you as an exhibitor/seller?

A. Generally, yes. However, due to Covid-19 restrictions, we may not be able to accomodate external sellers in the immediate future.

Q. Is this a one-day-only event?

A. One Day Drum Shop is a pop-up event which we host every few months (pandemics allowing!).
We are currently planning our next event at Spencers Wood Village Hall (RG7 1AP)

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